Original Design for FAIM

MD-2 Pineapple

MD-2 Pineapple

This is one of the original designs that I had for the Mission statement for FAIM.


Our Mission

FAIM works to reduce poverty in farming communities through producing virus free plants for food security and demonstrating modern farming techniques that will help to transform agriculture in Africa from subsistence to market orientated farming increasing food security.

The FAIM Approach:

Providing clean, healthy plants combined with modern farming technique instruction and marketing assistance to our farming partners.

FAIM uses modern plant propagation techniques such as clean seed, cuttings, divisions, grafting and tissue culture to mass produce healthy, clean virus-free plants for food security.

The best plants get the best results.

In Kenya, switching to tissue culture plants, saved Kenya’s banana industry. Today, more farmers are switching to tissue culture planting materials for higher yields.

'Sugar Baby' Apple Bananas

‘Sugar Baby’ Apple Bananas

From farm to market, FAIM is with you.

  • Best quality
  • Clean, virus-free
  • Faster growth
  • Higher yields
  • Predictable harvest
  • Better market planning
  • Higher quality products to market
  • Plants for Food Security

We provide you with the tools to success.

  • Specialized agronomists to guide you
  • Training and information for excellent crop production
  • Programs for fertilization, pest management and fungicides
  • Financing assistance
  • Getting your products market Ready
  • Help in finding you the right market for your products

Partner with FAIM for Food Security

FAIM provides clean, healthy plants, extension and farm school services to ensure our customers’ success. Helping farmers increase their cash crop yields for better returns with FAIM’s tissue culture plants in Africa.


FAIM – Growing Plants to Feed the World!


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