Passion Fruit Plants for Food Security in Rwanda

Passion Fruit Plants for Food Security in Rwanda

Passion fruit plants are the most abundant type of backyard crops that are commonly sold in the market as juices that supplies nutrients and vitamins in the body.  It is a seasonal fruit with round or oval shape and contains white or even purple flowers. It has sometimes yellow or purple black that are eaten or make into juices. It does not only enhance flavors and aroma of foods but also gives energy and nutrient to the body.

For people who are not yet familiar with this type of plants for food security in Rwanda would completely answer their needs.  FAIM is known for producing these disease free plants that are commonly planted by local people for their daily consumption and needs. To be able to help the people out, FAIM is already helping improve the country’s food security with passion fruit plants and other cash crops such as tissue culture banana plants and pineapple plants.

Passion fruit still on the vine

Passion fruit still on the vine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forestry and Agricultural Investment Management (FAIM) is not just giving people with a wide array of knowledge regarding the plant but also teaching them how to plant and take good care of this passion fruit plants.  These passion fruits plants for food security are already ready to be planted in the fields.


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