Plants & Pricing

Our general plant listing:

  • Purple passion fruit

  • Tamarillo (tree tomato)

  • Pineapple Plants MD-2

  • Patchouli Plants

  • Bamboosa Vulgaris Plants


Banana plants – Call for pricing (one size):

  • Injagi Cooking Banana

  • Imporogoma Cooking Banana

  • Fhia 17 Beer and Desert Banana

  • Fhia 25 Beer Banana

  • Red Banana

  • ‘Sugar Baby’ Apple Banana

All plants are sold field ready to field plant.

FAIM – Growing Plants to Feed the World!


If you are searching for plants for delivery outside Rwanda or Africa, contact Steve Jones at or call 1-931-668-3041 (United States) for further information.


'Sugar Baby' Apple Bananas

‘Sugar Baby’ Apple Bananas

Passion Fruit Plants

Passion Fruit plants growing on field trellises.

MD-2 Pineapple

MD-2 Pineapple