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Plants for Food Security in Production for Rwandan Farmers

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013



Plants for food security in production for Rwandan farmers. With majority of the banana plants diseased, majority of fruit production is currently being imported. Forestry and Agricultural Investment Management (FAIM Africa) is propagating through tissue culture healthy disease-free plants for Rwandan farmers as well as all sub-Saharan countries and the Middle East.

Currently in production are the cooking bananas Injagi and Imporogoma, as well as Fhia 17 and Fhia 25 which are bananas primarily used for beer and desert. Available for shipping to areas outside Rwanda is FAIM’s own Sugar Baby Apple Banana, a banana that produces juice so sweet will have you doubting that is from a banana at all!

Call or visit our office in Kigali to discuss your planting needs. FAIM is currently taking orders for plants to be delivered during planting season B.

FAIM Africa ltd
KN 80, #9
Kigali, Rwanda
+25 (0)78 838 6266

FAIM1 (Photo credit: USDAgov)

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