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Tamarillo Plants: A Healthy and Efficient Tissue Culture Plants

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014



Tamarillo Plants: A Healthy and Efficient Tissue Culture Plants

Apart from the banana plants and pineapple plants, Rwanda is also known for producing tamarillo plants in an effort to increase its food security. Since they wanted to make use of tissue culture plants to boost up the farming practices of Rwandan farmers, Forestry and Agricultural Investment Management (FAIM) is able to provide healthy disease free tamarillo plants.

Tamarillo plants for food security are healthy and make the life of Rwandan farmers fruitful with the production of huge number of fruits. FAIM maintains  inventory in tamarillo plants for farmers to immediately plant in their fields.

Tamarillo CDC

Tamarillo CDC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FAIM is offering tamarillo plants in order to assure that they will be given right amount of nutrients and at the same time provide them with a healthy and wealthy living. People who will be planting tamarillo plants to improve food security in Rwanda can become successful since they would be given an excellent chance to achieve the essential benefits brought by the plant.

So, don’t miss the chance of getting in touch with FAIM if you want to help improve the food security in Rwanda though tamarillo plants for food security.  You will be given an idea on how to be able to plant and take good care of your tamarillo plants in order to give you effective and healthy benefits through the production of their fruits. Call FAIM or SMS +250 78 838 6266  for more information regarding the tamarillo plants available for planting.

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